Should You Run Your AC 24/7?

According to the Indian Ministry of Power, roughly 75 percent of all homes in the country have air conditioners. The AC is responsible for making homes more comfortable and livable. For this reason, many homeowners prefer keeping their ACs running 24/7 which not only attracts more dust and germs but also calls for quality deep cleaning services for the AC. Others only allow the AC to run for a short while before switching it off. In this article, we help you to know whether you should leave the AC running round-the-clock.

Simple Answer

Should you run your AC 24/7? The simple answer here is you shouldn’t! After all, the AC is an electrical appliance. It operates purely on electricity. Consequently, leaving it running round-the-clock will leave you with a massive energy bill. Furthermore, you also put too much strain on the AC. Because of this, the air conditioner might never last half as long as the manufacturer intended, which could then mean dipping into your finances to buy a new one soon!


Small AC, Leaky Home

However, the answer to the above question is never a simple case of black and white. For example, there are moments when the AC is too small. Consequently, it’s unable to provide the much-needed heat or coolness that the space needs. Small ACs are incapable of meeting the needs of a bigger house. On top of that, you probably have a home that is full of air leaks, which make it vital to run the AC 24/7 to ensure the smooth operation of all relevant home services in addition to maintaining the sanity of home cleaning services which may be called in case of leaky ac pipes .

Old AC and Dirty Cooling Coils

Additionally, you would have little choice other than to allow an old AC to run on a 24/7 basis. Old ACs are incapable of cooling the home effectively. Other than that, dirty cooling coils are also bad news for your home. Dirty cooling coils reduce – and in some cases eliminate – the ability of the air conditioner to remove heat from your home. For this reason, clean the cooling coils repeatedly, especially during annual tune-ups, to ready it for home cleaning services.


Impact on Environment

You may feel the need for running the AC on a 24/7 basis. However, what you might not be aware of is the impact such an act could have on the environment. In this case, ACs run on an organic compound known as HFC, or Hydrofluorocarbon! HFC is more potent than carbon dioxide on the environment. Because of this, you shouldn’t run the AC 24/7 to avoid increasing greenhouse gas emission!

Such emissions are not only harmful for the environment, but are also not good for the health of an individual. Hence one must keep away from using their A/C 24/7 and protect themselves from the harmful effects of such a practice.