Do it yourself A quick guide on protecting your interiors from growing old

Do it yourself A quick guide on protecting your interiors from growing old

Who doesn’t like the essence of fresh, newly constructed interiors, while everything looks sparkling clean all around?

With huge efforts directed to home maintenance, the concern is, these fresh interiors begin to look older than they actually are, mostly after a few months.

If this is what exactly you’re worried about, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Let’s read on to find some help on the issue.

With an intent to maintain home interiors with the best home cleaning services, most efforts are executed to help with furniture maintenance. However, home maintenance is a lot more than just furniture maintenance and It includes some of the most crucial tasks that bounce over the head in the majority of cases. These simple things my friends, make for a home that stays young forever.

For example, look at your beautiful curtains, or blind folds, or window panes or just the doors. Things that guard our privacy and separate us from the outside world need some thorough care. You may use a good quality vacuum cleaner to pull out the dirt from the fabric and use a soft rag to wide off any depositions from the hard surfaces. Repeating this exercise twice a week shall leave this part of your home sparkling clean and always new.

The good news is, you won’t have to hire someone from outside to help you with the deep cleaning services, while you can simply manage it all on your own!

Lets look at some of the other aspects here. Like your beds, couches, cushions or just the duvets/bed covers. Though washable fabrics like sheets and cushion covers can have a good spin in the machine, using leather cleaner to wipe out leather surfaces (like of your couch or headboard) will clean it like a pro. Alternatively, a vacuum cleaner does the job equally well, however, the high suction of the cleaning machine may loosen the surface tension of your leather surfaces and unlike the former case, it may go for a toss.

Surprisingly, carpets, rugs and floor decors can have a thorough dry clean only by using dry cleaning alternatives that do the needful in no time. More often than not, if you’re a big fan of throwing décor items in your home, it is equally difficult to maintain them in the long run. With the changing seasons, one has to be extra careful of these items and a normal wash may take them forever to dry in addition to spoiling their shape and colors.

This is where one must choose their items carefully so that they are also easy to maintain. Especially when you’re a working individual or a stay at home mother, easy to maintain items stay for longer than usual and of course require minimal care.

Now Lets look at the walls. Young children like to paint, older ones may accidentally spill eatables and similar staining materials if not careful. And the worst case scenario may include breaking the sides of your walls while moving home items or other heavy materials from one place to the other. Your walls are also prone to termites, rainfall damage, damp, dust etc. The best way to deal with this is to use high quality, Teflon coated wall colors that protect your walls and save you on cost. Due to the coating effect, the accidents (as and when they happen) can be washed off easily and neither can the weather conditions do any harm. Besides, strong walls can bear heavy damage and stand tough before the obstacles that challenge them.